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Red Chaser

My last book, Marketing Outrageously, was a Wall Street Journal best-seller. As you could expect, my agent and my publisher want me to write another marketing book.

What did I do? I wrote a novel instead. Red Chaser, a novel about Brooklyn, the Cold War and the Dodgers.

My publisher shook his head and said, “Very few writers can cross over from non-fiction to fiction.”

But, most of my reading over the years have been thrillers. If you spot me in an airport, I won’t be reading a business book. I’d be reading a thriller. I want to write thrillers.

My publisher shook his head again and said, “Think business books.”

What made Marketing Outrageously popular, however, were the stories inside the book. I based those stories on real life business situations.

With Red Chaser, I base the story on real life situations. I did far more research on Red Chaser than any of my non-fiction marketing books. But, unlike my business books, there is some (a lot) stuff that is made up in Red Chaser. That’s what fiction is all about; that’s what makes it fun.

So, I’ve published Red Chaser on Amazon Kindle. You can be a judge and jury on whether I should keep writing fiction. You can tell me straight out whether you liked Red Chaser or not. Here’s my personal email address:

It won’t cost much to read Red Chaser. I’ve priced it at just 99 cents. I think, however, that you will have as much fun reading Red Chaser as I had in writing it. In fact, I guarantee it. If you don’t enjoy Red Chaser, email me your address and I’ll send you a gift card for Starbucks that will be worth more than what you paid for the book.

Download it today to start the fun.

Jon Spoelstra

P.S. I’ve unabashedly put a five star rating on Red Chaser, a novel of Brooklyn, the Cold War and the Dodgers.

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